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Digital Art - Cartoons (Original Characters (Shaded))
Deviant ID - 2013 by Mmatt0904
Reporting for Duty by Mmatt0904
The Big Three by Mmatt0904
An Ordinary Day in Minecraftia by Mmatt0904
Clank's Sidekick by Mmatt0904
Same but Different by Mmatt0904
I use a Wacom Bamboo Tablet along side with Photoshop Elements and will draw in a few styles, just be specific which and I will see if it can be manageable.  The commissions would be fully shaded and with/without a background depending on your preference.


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United States

About Me

So hi, I'm a cartoon/anime artist who lives in New Jersey. I am pretty young for most standards considering I am 17 and don't even have my driver's license yet.

I'm a pretty smart for the most part, although often say what comes to mind without thinking it through, giving the impression that I'm not all that brilliant. My interests consist of gaming and drawing for the most part and I partake in sports such as: soccer, snowboarding and track & field.

I always know there is room for improvement and given the fact that I am so young, I hope to learn from the more experienced crowd in order to make something of myself when I become an 'adult'. To add to that I am still undecided with what I am going to be when I grow up. I always liked drawing but I cant see it as a full time job supporting a family, at least the art that I specialize in. So I might do something with marketing, like make commercials or something like that but still keep drawing as a serious hobby.

I love each and every one of you guys and am ever so grateful for your support.
2nd time alright! Let's do this.

1.) What's your name? (First name or Nickname please.)
My names Michael or Mike, call me whatever you want, its a free country

2.) What is your username?
This is too simple a question for me to answer, just scroll down to see who this is.

3.) What does your username mean? Does it have a specific meaning to it?
Well my real name is Mike and my last name starts with M and because of my last name (not going to say it) people accidentally call me matt. And since I have 2 M's, I did MMatt and the 0904 refers to September 4th, which is my birthday. So yeah, thats where MMatt0904 comes from

4.) Which country and state do you live in? (Do not include your city or town!)
Proud resident of the good old U S of A and live in New Jersey. Its the garden state for any of you state fact enthusiasts out there

5.) Do you know any deviants in real life?
Sadly no.

6.) If yes to Question 5, what are their usernames? (You can state just one of you want to. Please state a maximum of 4.)
I said no just last question, meant it the first time.

7.) What kind of artist are you?
I started out drawing purely traditional, then experimented with paint, then gimp, and now photoshop and all of my works are exclusively digital with RARELY some traditional twists to them.

8.) Do you own any OCs/FCs? (Original Characters/Fan Characters.)
Yeahhhh lets see on my old account (:iconrobogozar:) - Robogozar, Molvar, Kamara, Chaos
On THIS account we have - Me in cartoon form, Brull, and an unnamed Naruto OC

9.) Do you make your own series or stories? (Fan series can count too.)
Have (haven't done anything with it lately) called "Gaming All Night" It's a situational comedic strip/comic that shows some funny things that my friends and I experience while gaming.

10.) If yes to Question 9, can you name a few? (If a fan series, state the original series next to your series in [ ].)
I kinda just said that by accident ^^;

11.) Do you like to read manga or watch anime?
I like the manga as it is the original text and artwork but I feel the anime CAN be stronger AT TIMES. But I also feel that some animators for the anime don't do the best of jobs.

12.) If yes to Question 11, which anime/manga (one or the other) is your favorite?
Asked me this question 2 years ago and I would have said Dragon Ball in a heart beat. But now I get the feeling that Naruto has become my favorite. It has a lot of principles and discussions and moral aspects that DBZ just doesn't touch upon. DBZ for the action, Naruto for the story it's as simple as that

13.) What is your relationship status? (Single or taken?)

14.) If taken, then are you two still dating, engaged, or are you married?
Why are you so interested with who I am dating?

15.) If married, do you have any kids?
I am happily not married with 0 children

16.) If answered taken in Question 12, is your partner a deviant?
I said I'm Single oh brother * face palm *

17.) If yes, who is he/she? (Answer with iconusername in a set of "::" please.)
Don't have one 

18.) Who is your best friend here on deviantART? (State icon like in Question 17.)
All of you :D

19.) Do you have any OC/FC pairings? (It can be OCxCanon or OCxOC. Crack pairings and Alternate pairings are also okay.)
No, no I don't. Is that a bad thing?

20.) If yes, can you name a few? (Ex: SuntoxPan, ShereyaxNabaro, SuntoxMikana.)
From Dragonball My Original Oc DangoxDraco and From Thundercats LionaraxPanthro OcxOc OcxCanon 

21.) Is any of your pairing a Joint-Artist pairing, whereas you own one mate and a friend owns the other?
No but me and my friend have drawn similar things but not enough for them to be joint.

22.) If yes, can you name a few? (Answer just like the format done in Question 20, but also state the icon of the person that owns the other character.)
Nope #sarry

23.) Do you have a favorite pairing that is canon to any series?
Don't care enough to be honest

24.) If so, what is it?
Again, don't care enough about pairings haha. This meme likes to repeat itself doesn't it?

25.) Last question, how long have you been on deviantART? (You can include time spent with previous accounts.)
Finally a different question, lets see, I have been on DeviantART over the course of 4 years on 2 different accounts.

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